Rainbow Mermaid

Ma sündisin 85-ndal aastal Nõuka Eestis ja mul oli igast vahvaid mänguasju, kuid mitte üleliia, 1 My Magic Pony, 3 Barbiet (ainult sünnipäevaks), 1 Polly Pocket, you get the drill. Ja üks asi mida ma mäletan väga selgelt on see positiivne eufooriline tunne kui ma sattusin mõne sõbranna poole, kellel oli asju mida olin näinud vaid paberkataloogidest. Ja nüüd ma sattusin ühe Flickri feedi peale, mis uhas mind üle sellise kataloogides olevatest asjadest lapsepõlves unistamise lainega, et oioioioioioi. Täiskasvanu olemine sakib.

I was born in the 85 Soviet estonia and didn't have toooo many toys, I had some tho, 3 Barbies (each for 1 birthday), 1 Polly Pocket and 1 My Magic Pony, you get the drill. So every time I visited my friends who had these toys I've only seen in catalogues I got this super happy euphoric feeling. They where real! And now I stepped upon this magical Flickr feed filled with such nostalgiw, dear lord, being grown up sucks.
Do you remember those velvety bears? I used to wear one as a necklace all the time until it lost all of it's hair. I would give my old iphone away just to touch a bear like that again and KEEP it. Oh I already gave it away, wops.

Drawings of Barbies doing lovely stuff where just right, something about that cuteass colour scheme that made you smile. Oh and all sorts of shiny stones, SHINY! Forever looking at the crystals changing colours in the light.

You could use those special stripy glasses on your birthday party and while holding a little Polly Pocket in your hand it felt AMAZEBALLZ cause she was SO tiny. How could she be so tiny!

These most ever beautiful japanese princesses in the pencil boxes that daid Hey! you can totally draw just like that with those pencils, but actually the pencils totally sucked ass.

You could forever sort buttons in your moms or grandmas button box or when you got your hands on colourful markers you obsessively drew flowers, because they where looking so awesome and you actually knew how to draw them.

The wonderful imagery in this post does not belong to me, got it all from Rainbow Mermaid Flickr favorites: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rainbowmermaid/favorites/