Kopsikutega on mul selline ajalugu, et mingi aeg oli hull vajadus varjata asju millega emake loodus koonerdas ja varustada end kõige polstririkkamate versioonidega, siis tuli hull protesti periood ja no-bra klubi, tissivabadus! Ja nüüd on nagu kõik okei ja käib tuju ja välisriietega sobivuse järgi, kuigi Bralette tundub alati põhinunnu ja ilus valik. Siit tuleb 3 internetiuniversumist hiljuti leitud lemmikut.

"Bralette: A lightweight, simple design, usually an unlined, soft-cup pullover style bra. The breasts are covered but the bra offers little, if any, real support and is suitable for small busts. Sometimes sold built-in to a camisole. This style is often used by preadolescent girls as a training bra. Similar to bandeau."

In my lalalong history with bras I used to have the period where I judged the mother nature by overdosing on push-up bras, then there was a time when I started a no-bra club in protest of all fake and now I'm more or less just doing whatever I please according on the mood or outfit in general. But I'm very passionate about the Bralettes, lovely lovely kind of bras. Here come my 3 latest favourites from around the world wide web. Boys! Close your eyes and hide your toys.

Camilla Staerk Edith 11 Collection