Julien David Desdemona

Nagu kilomeetrite kaugusele on näha, on tegu Jaapani brandiga. Nii mõnus on see nokamütsiga roosa kampsun, ma püherdaks selle sees ja kannaks seda igalpool ja isegi pigem sunniks oma meest seda kandma täitsa tükkides. Nii meeldib mulle see Julien David Men Spring 2013!

Ja ma ei suuda ära oodata kuidas Modern Family Sofia Vergara mängib Machetes Desdemonat!!

From forever far you can see that were dealing with Japanese brand here. This pink cap sweater is so beautiful I would love to wear it everywhere or actually make my man wear it till it drops! I'm just feeling this Julien David Men Spring 2013 so very much.

And I can't wait to see Modern Family's Sofia Vergara as Desdemona in the new Machete!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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