What is UUSTUUS?

This one is in english, just to make it easy on EVERYONE (as I see on the google analytics - people from all over the world are suffering google translating my estonian slang).

So I think I just need to speak about the basics.

Firstly, who I am and what I do? My name is Helene (Estonia based, born 1985) and I have been in the creative advertising for years, doing all sorts of stuff from ideas to tv ad productions, gaining awards and criticism, visiting Cannes and Eurobest, teaching here and there and even being a jury. Some of my most famous works are Giant teeth installation and FIZZ Cider ads. But I graduated from Estonian Art Academy as a graphic designer, so I'm absolutely into making logos, branding and typography kind of things too. But that's not all of it, I write music, play some piano&guitar and sing, my artist name is Antonina (she was my kickass grand-grand mother in Russia - Kursk). BUT THAT'S NOT ALL TOO. I'm into designing accessories, so I have released Superwoman tights, President Dolls wooden jewellery, poem-shirts collection and adjustable pug rings set. PLUS write columns for magazines and cooperate in all sorts of projects that need my help, like selling stuff at flea markets, being freelance model and actress and whatever else fun. Ehh I even gave a Tallinn TEDx speech once.

Why the blog? Uustuus means new-cool. For years I had this folder on my old PC where I collected all the coolest ideas on DIY, fashion, decor or techincs. Then the internet grew even bigger and I started gathering cool links in my bookmarks bar. Ofcourse I know A LOT of people and I was always chating and e-mailing to different frends "oh check this new cool thing out - oh check that new cool thing out". And then I went like "hell, it would be so much easier to just put this stuff all together online so I can access it wherever and whenever I want" so I just made this place as an archive of everything cool that I find. One day I just checked the page's stats and found out that I have thousands of readers and went all WTF and happy.

Social media wise I not only blog, but also have a twitter, chictopia, pinterest, bloglovin, weheartit, instagram - basically the full package. If you don't find links on the side of this page, you'll find em there: http://flavors.me/helvetika

For some years I went under the nickname Xelene, but when I started studying design I jumped up every time a tutor called font name Helvetica, as it always reminded my of my real name -  Helene Vetik. And I just took it. Helvetika. I also go by this blog name UusTuus too.

Anyway if you have any proposals or questions, don't grab a pen, but type me an e-mail to uustuus gmail. I'm quite sure I forgot something.

Now for some more egocentric pictures and a peek at my doings.