random is the new random

Mõnus random browsimine on tervisele sama teraapiline nagu zhoping vist. http://p0rkfriedrice.tumblr.com/
Väga kurb blogipidaja enesetutvustus tho:
"I’m Vanessa and I’m 17.
There are a lot of things that piss me off…
If you know me in real life then why are you here… think long and hard why you’d want to look at my blog and leave. wtf are you doing with your life ew.
Here is a picture of me sitting on the floor in my room being a dumb retard with no friends."
Hoopis seepeale ütleks ewww.. Õnneks on sellest enesekirjeldusest aasta möödas ja nüüd ehk mõtleb ta ise et höhöhöö.