Yoko on Jaapani kunstnik. Nagu näha, mixib nunnut ja hullu, ofkors sellist nunnut mida titturi magamistuppa ei riputaks.

"Although I am a small and ordinary person, images that come out of me are very strange and intense. It is not easy to bring the images out and make them into paintings. Like a mother trying to deliver a baby, I have to help those formless images struggling to gain form. It is a pleasure, and at the same time, it is a pain. They try to come out every day, giving me no choice but to become a painter."

Mulle vahel meeldivad sellised õõvastavad asjad mis on nagu et ei suuda vaadata ja ei suuda ka mitte vaadata, loodetavasti ei näe neid loomi unes nagu seda docpoindi filmi heroiinisõltlast.

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